BIG changes are coming…

two delivery drivers carrying a large package up the stairs at a multifamily community for the announcement of Fetch new policies

Over the past year and a half,  residents’ preference  to do a great deal of their shopping online has increased dramatically. This means we’ve seen a HUGE spike in large packages, such as furniture, being delivered. We’ve always said, “Large items? No problem,” and this still stands true, but we knew we needed to improve the large package delivery experience. That’s why we’ve released a NEW and improved way for residents’  large items (think packages that are 4’ or longer and heavier than 50 lbs, like couches, barbell sets, a new 70” TV) to be delivered to them. With this release, they can expect large deliveries to arrive during a special 4 hour delivery window, when they are at home and expecting it. Making for a smooth, dependable, and trouble-free delivery. 

These updates are currently available in Austin TX, Dallas TX, Houston TX, Chicago IL, Atlanta GA, and Washington DC. If your area is not listed, stay tuned! You’re next on the list.

Here’s how it works:

Residents, Say Hello to a Special Delivery Window! 


When a large package gets delivered to a Fetch facility, residents will receive an alert letting them  know it’s time to schedule their large delivery during a special delivery window. This dedicated window means we are able to ensure that the larger packages (that take more time to move carefully) will arrive when they’re scheduled for delivery. Oh, these packages also arrive in Fetch vans by dedicated Fetch drivers and with a lot of TLC. That’s a Win, Win, Win!

Say Goodbye to Large Packages in the Hallway

No one wants to see their brand new 70” TV sitting in the hallway. Netflix is waiting! Bringing that large (and heavy!) 70” TV into an apartment also takes four hands – sometimes more. That’s (another reason) why we’ve dedicated a special  delivery window for large packages, so residents can plan to be home at time of delivery and we can help get that TV out of the hallway! We’re so excited for residents to try out the new feature and see how it improves large package deliveries!




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* Please note: due to elevators and vehicle limitations, we cannot accommodate delivery for packages larger than 10x6x6 or weighing more than 300 lbs. Those items are typically best delivered by a 3rd party freight company. For more info, please email

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