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a new value add amenity

We help your on-site teams seek revenue-generating opportunities and achieve operational efficiency instead of managing packages.

fetch for property owners and developers

The search is on to find new ways to generate revenue, improve your assets, and streamline operations. We empower your on-site teams to amplify this mission by removing the time drain of package management.

We’ve created a direct package delivery solution specifically for multifamily communities that’s designed to attract more residents and free-up staff.


“Not only has Fetch been the right answer to our package challenge at several communities now, they executed flawlessly, held client events to promote the service to our residents, and there have been absolutely no negatives. It’s been a dream. Let me put it this way… if I ever need a back-up gig, I’m going to go sell for Fetch. That’s how much of a fan I am."

Luanne, Regional Vice President

ZRS Management

Completely eliminate wasted package management time.

Allow on-site staff to focus on resident satisfaction and occupancy goals.

Cut out the cost of package locker and package room systems as well as operational inefficiencies.

help on-site teams support your company’s mission

fetch delivery provides a solution to the busy work that bogs employees down, so they can provide better customer service.

save space for amenities

Ecommerce is constantly growing. Don’t let the influx of packages clutter valuable amenity space.

add value

This premium amenity adds value to your community offering, enhances resident perception, and lets you repurpose planned capital expenses for other improvements.

unlock additional income and efficiency

With fetch, your on-site staff never has to touch another package again so they’re free to develop new programs and revenue opportunities.

work with a proven partner

The future of delivery is here. We already serve over 70,000 residents in 14 major markets, with more signing up every day.

saving time and money
with fetch is simple

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Success stories

See how we’ve empowered communities around the country by removing their package burden.

Exterior photo taken at night of an apartment building
The Louisa case study
Consistent Direct-to-Door Delivery
an Alexan Enclave case study
Door-to-Door Delivery With No Hassle
an Alta Strand case study
Driving Revenues and Productivity
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