regional managers

empower your staff, streamline operations

Give your team time back that is commonly wasted on package management so that they can focus on things like occupancy goals.

fetch for regional managers

Every moment that your community's team has to spend on packages is time they could be using to help residents and boost NOI. We'll help remove the package burden.

We do it by removing package handling, rooms, lockers and other disruptive delivery barriers from your communities helping to streamline your operating model.


"I truly believe that switching to Fetch is what allowed my team to increase their leasing velocity putting us at 95% occupied as well as grow rents in the slowest time of the year. I also cannot thank you enough for your guidance and patience while we worked so hard with our owner to get her on board with partnering with Fetch.

My team is happier, my owner is ecstatic and our residents love having the control of when their package is delivered to them- All thanks to Fetch!!"

Kelly, Regional Manager

Magnolia Property Company

Allow staff to focus
on occupancy goals.

Provide a unique amenity to help your properties stand out.

Add value for owners
and residents.

remove package distractions

Give your staff the valuable resource of time and improve your communities.

Produce ancillary income

This premium amenity provides value in the form of happy residents and more referrals, plus it allows staff to engage in more revenue-generating activities.

add value for ownership

By moving package management off site, you’re boosting each community’s offering, saving valuable space and money that could be used for community improvements.

scale flawlessly

We can easily scale our direct delivery service to accommodate the ever growing ecommerce package environment or to quickly add additional communities in your region.

hit occupancy goals

When staff doesn’t have to deal with constant interruptions, they can focus on ways to attract, retain, and delight your residents.

saving time and money
with fetch is simple

estimate your savings

Enter the number of units in your community

total units

what you'll save with Fetch


per year

2 hours

per day

760 hours

per year

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Success stories

See how we’ve empowered communities around the country by removing their package burden.

Exterior photo taken at night of an apartment building
The Louisa case study
Consistent Direct-to-Door Delivery
an Alexan Enclave case study
Door-to-Door Delivery With No Hassle
an Alta Strand case study
Driving Revenues and Productivity
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