Control Community Exposure Through Contactless Package Management

When the Covid-19 pandemic first arrived, multifamily management companies took immediate steps to facilitate social distancing and limit direct contact between team members and residents.

Virtual and self-guided tours were deployed in the place of in-person guided tours with a leasing agent. Offices, lobbies, amenities and other community common areas were closed. Cleaning and disinfecting services were ramped up overnight.

But many communities failed to address one glaring hole in their defenses against the virus – package deliveries. The problem escalated quickly as renters overwhelmingly turned to online retailers for most of their consumer needs in order to avoid direct contact with others. According to a report from McKinsey & Company, the U.S. had already seen a 20% increase in preference for contactless operations as of April. The trend has led to a staggering increase in package deliveries.

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