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How Fetch Works

What is Fetch?

Fetch is an off-site package delivery service for apartment communities. We solve the package problem for property managers and provide a convenient amenity for residents. All packages are sent to our facilities, and we communicate with residents to coordinate delivery directly to their door!

How will my packages get to me?

Upon registration, you will receive a new Fetch shipping address and Fetch code. Both of these can be found in your “settings tab” on the website and the “my profile” tab in the iOS app. This Fetch shipping address is your new shipping address that you will use for all your online orders. The Fetch code tells us your location, what unit to deliver to, and allows us to link packages to your unique account. Once we receive your package, we notify you via your preferred notification method that can be set in the “settings tab” of the iOS (Apple) app (email, text, and/or app push notification). If you do not have an iOS device, it will default to text and email. Don’t worry Android fans, our Android app will be arriving soon! From there you will be able to select from a range of delivery windows that works best for you, either same-day or any-day. Once a window is selected, we will bring your orders directly to your door!

Why do I have to change my shipping address?

This is how Fetch works! You ship your packages to our secure and climate controlled Fetch facility and we will notify you as soon as we accept it so you can select a delivery window for same day or any day delivery. With the benefits of a commercial address and our close relationships with the major carriers, we are able to receive packages much earlier in the day than you would if you used your apartment address. This also allows our customer experience team to work with the carriers directly and quickly resolve any potential delivery issues for you!

What are the benefits of using this “address”?

Our relationships with the carriers and commercial address speed up the entire logistics process allowing you to receive packages earlier than if you used the apartment address. Our large commercial facilities can store packages as long as you need. Any size and any shape. Climate controlled and refrigerated storage available for all perishables. Customer Experience team that can help you along the entire way. Same day delivery to your door, during flexible windows that work with your busy lifestyle.

Where can I find the iOS and Android App?

You can find the iOS app in the app store by searching “Fetch Resident”. You will be able to find the Android App in the Google Play Store soon!

What about medications, extremely urgent, and delicate shipments?

We treat every package exactly how we would want our own goods to be handled. All medicines and delicate shipments will be stored (refrigerated or climate controlled) and handled properly until it is in your hands, whether that be same-day or any-day. If you have any concerns about your shipment please contact us and we will be happy to talk about it!

Are my packages safe?

Your packages are safely handled and stored within our secure and climate controlled facilities. We also use refrigeration units for all refrigeration-needed and perishable shipments such as your subscription boxes containing food and produce and medicines. Your packages are then delivered by one of our friendly and background-checked Fetch couriers.

What liability is Fetch responsible for?

We assume the same standard liability that all major carriers assume and carry an extensive insurance policy. If we receive it damaged from the carrier (Ups, FedEx, Amazon, USPS, DHL, etc) we will typically notify the resident ahead of time making them aware and give them the option to reject or return to sender. We are here to take care of you!

How will I recognize a Fetch courier?

All Fetch couriers will either be wearing Fetch-branded accessories for easy identification within your building. All couriers have been background-checked and vetted.

How do Fetch couriers access the apartment community?

Fetch couriers obtain access to the property through closely monitored and controlled access points. Security is one of our top priorities and all Fetch personnel understand the importance of making sure that access is limited only to them.

How do I report an issue with my courier?

If you have any issues with a courier please email us at help@fetchpackage.com or call/text us at (972) 861-2837 right away!

What are the Fetch hours of operations?

Our facilities are open from (9 am - 7 pm) every weekday and (9 am - 5 pm) every weekend. We have many delivery windows throughout the day up to 11 pm during the week and delivery windows throughout the day up to 6pm on weekends. Please contact us if you would like to pick up your package by emailing help@fetchpackage.com or call/text us at (972) 861-2837.

How do I get Fetch at my building?

We love resident introductions! Reach out to us so we can talk to your building manager by emailing sales@fetchpackage.com.

Are my packages slower when they go through Fetch?

No! We have relationships with all the major carriers and priority commercial address status so carriers bring us the packages earlier in the day before they start residential routes. This allows us to get your packages to you faster, or within whichever window you'd like it delivered!

Shipping to Fetch

What shipments does Fetch accept?

We accept shipments from any major carrier and retailer! As long as it comes in a box or is wrapped for shipment, we will accept it and deliver it to you! Furniture, rugs, tires, etc we’ve seen it all. The only restrictions we have are: - No Industrial grade appliances (ovens, stoves, refrigerators, large gun safe, large generators) - No car engines - No large pallet orders - No uncovered/unboxed furniture If you have questions, please reach out by email at help@fetchpackage.com or call/text us at (972) 861-2837.

Can you sign for my signature-required packages?

Absolutely! All carriers allow our warehouse manager to sign for any package as long as it is addressed to us.

What happens when my package arrives after the property stops accepting packages?

The office will no longer accept packages on your behalf and it is up to each individual carrier to determine what they want to do. The carrier may redirect to Fetch, attempt delivery to your door, or return the package to their facility for pickup.

Should I keep my apartment community address for letters and regular mail?

Yes, absolutely! Any letter or regular mail (including credit cards) will always be delivered by USPS to your mailbox at your community based on your billing address. We have had a few situations where residents have asked if they could ship passports, credit cards, and other important ID documents to us to take advantage of our tracking from start to finish. We are always happy to accommodate these requests. Just let us know! Fetch does not replace your regular mail service. We focus on deliveries (that usually do not fit in your mailbox).

What about alcohol?

We will sign for packages containing alcohol. Upon delivery, we will require an ID and signature verifying that the recipient is over 21 years old.

What about food orders?

Any subscription food orders Hellofresh, Freshly, Imperfect Produce, Hungry Harvest, Blue Apron, Daily Harvest, Farm to Table, etc we will gladly accept and store in refrigerated units at our facility. You do NOT need to use us for: Groceries, Favor, Uber Eats, Grubhub, Postmates Shipt, Instacart, GoPuff, Amazon Fresh, Amazon PrimeNow, Pizza, etc. While we would love to take these for you, they are typically delivered within an hour and require you to pick it up from their courier individually for liability purposes. Let us know if you'd like to make any special arrangements, however. We're happy to help. Call/text us at (972) 861-2837.

What are the size restrictions?

As long as it comes in a box, we will deliver it! Furniture, food, tires, etc. we’ve seen it all. The only restrictions we have are: No large appliances (ovens, stoves, refrigerators, washer and dryers, gun safes, generators). No car engines or cars (tesla, carvana, etc). No large pallet orders. No uncovered/unboxed furniture. If you are unsure if we will deliver it, never hesitate to give us a call and ask!

Should I tip my Fetch delivery driver?

We've had residents very adamant about tipping and for that reason, we allow it. However, it is absolutely not required. If you decide to tip, your Fetch driver keeps the entire amount.

What about Amazon PrimeNow?

Similar to groceries and other true on-demand deliveries (Favor, GoPuff, Instacart, Pizza), Amazon PrimeNow deliveries should be sent to your current location. These drivers will always communicate and transact directly with you, so there would be no need for building management to accept them on your behalf. Fetch is best used for the majority of e-commerce deliveries that you cannot accept yourself.

What happens if I forget my Fetch Code on a package?

Not a problem at all! We have multiple ways of linking a package to your account. The Fetch code is one of those methods. We can also usually link the package by name if it matches the name on the account. Since we take the security of your valuables seriously, extra verification such as the tracking number may be required. If you are unsure why a package has not been linked to your account, send over the tracking number to our customer experience team (help@fetchpackage.com) and we can investigate right away!

Requesting a Delivery

Can I pick up my package from the Fetch facility?

Yes. You are always free to pick up from the Fetch facility if needed! If you select pickup request within the app we will be able to get it ready for you ahead of time to pick up. Pickup hours are the regular business hours of: 9 - 7 pm on Weekdays 9 - 5 pm on Weekends If you would like to pick up outside of these hours please contact our team for security purposes.

Where do I pick up?

You pick up from the address that you ship your packages to! You can find this in the “Settings” tab of the website or the “My Profile” tab in the iOS app!

Can I receive same-day delivery?

Absolutely! All packages should be available to select same-day delivery. In the rare case that you miss a scheduling cut-off for same-day delivery windows don’t hesitate to reach out via e-mail or text. We will do our best to accommodate last-minute requests!

Do I have to choose a delivery window every time?

No, you don't! We have an auto-scheduling feature that is available for any resident* that has the “Leave at Door” option selected on their account. These settings can be changed in the “Preferences” tab of the iOS app. The auto-schedule settings can be adjusted for Weekdays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Until the Android App is released, Android users can contact customer support and we will gladly set it up for you! *Some properties do not allow packages to be left at the door. so please contact us if you do not see this option.

What if I want to change my delivery time?

Feel free to call or text us at 972-861-2837 before your delivery window and we will do our best to make a last-minute adjustment.

Can I request a different daytime delivery?

We currently only offer daytime delivery from Noon-2PM, however, contact us at help@fetchpackage.com or text us at 972-861-2837 and we may be able to accommodate special requests. We are here to serve you!

What happens if I’m not home for delivery? What’s the difference between the ‘Leave’ and ‘Do Not Leave’ options?

When your account is set to "Leave" - our drivers will attempt with a knock, wait 15 seconds and knock again before placing the package at your door to take a photo for confirmation. Once the photo is taken, you will receive a delivery notification and email including a photo verifying the location. Then the package is marked as "delivered at the verified location" and the delivery is considered complete. When your account is set to "Do Not Leave" our drivers will attempt with a knock and if there is no answer will mark it as a first attempt. Our drivers will then continue delivering and re-attempt delivery at your door once again in ~30 minutes within the window. Once they attempt a second time, we will bring it back to the warehouse to be rescheduled.

How long will you hold my package?

We will hold your package for as long as needed! Simply set the delivery time when you would like to receive your package. Moving into a new apartment? Once you've signed your lease, you can start using your Fetch address. You can ship packages to us even before you move in, just let us know when you've moved in and ready to receive your packages! Going on vacation but have items ordered? We'll keep them safe until you tell us you'd like them delivered.

Your Fetch Account

How do I create a Fetch Account?

You should receive a welcome e-mail from your building with a registration link. If not, please register here → https://app.fetchpackage.com/register You can also download the iOS app from the App Store for Apple devices and register there.

What is my “Fetch Code”?

Your Fetch Code is your unique identifying code that we use to make sure your packages go to the right spot. It is a combination of your community’s unique shortcode and your current apartment number. It can be found in the “Settings” tab of the website or the “My Profile” tab in the iOS app!

What if I move to a different apartment within my same community?

You can change the unit number in the “My Account” section when you log in. Once changed, your Fetch code will reflect your new apartment number. If you run into any difficulties let us know so we can change it for you!

Can I share my Fetch account?

Yes! Feel free to share it with family members living in the same unit. Just make sure to use your Fetch code if their name is not linked with the account.

As a resident, how do I contact Fetch?

You can contact our customer experience team here: Email: Help@fetchpackage.com Text/Call: 972-861-2837 You can also find this information in the iOS app and soon to be released Android app!

For Property Managers

What happens if a resident has a question?

Our friendly Fetch staff takes care of all your resident inquiries. Residents can reach us at help@fetchpackage.com or text our Help Center with any questions, concerns, or feedback!

How do I access reporting about my property’s package statistics?

Your account manager will be able to connect you with the resources you need!

What if a resident has a roommate that they don’t want on their account?

Multiple accounts can be created for each apartment unit. All residents may create their own account for free.

What happens if a resident goes out of town or on vacation?

They can set their profile into vacation mode and we can hold the package for as long as needed at no extra charge!

Who in my community should sign up?

All residents should sign up to prevent packages from becoming unclaimed.

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