How Fetch Works

  • What is Fetch?

    Fetch is an off-site package delivery service for apartment buildings. We solve the package problem for property managers and provide a valuable amenity for residents.

    All packages are sent to our warehouse, and we communicate directly with residents to coordinate delivery directly to their door!

  • How will my packages get to me?

    Upon registration, you will receive your Fetch code (e.g. ATW7101-100) and the applicable Fetch warehouse address. This will be your new shipping address. Your name, our warehouse address, and your Fetch Code (where you would normally place your unit #) is all you need for your packages to be assigned to your account!

    Once we receive your package, we instantly notify you via text and e-mail. You will then be able to go into your account and pick the most convenient day and window for delivery!

  • Are my packages safe?

    Your packages are shipped directly to our secure, climate-controlled warehouses, and then delivered by one of our friendly and background-checked Fetch drivers.

  • How will I recognize a Fetch worker?

    All Fetch drivers will either be wearing a Fetch-branded shirt, hat, or other accessory to identify them within your building. All drivers have been background-checked and vetted by Fetch staff.

  • What are the Fetch hours of operations?

    We deliver from the hours of 5PM-11PM Monday through Friday and Noon-2PM every day of the week. Our 2-hour delivery windows include 12PM-2PM, 5-7PM, 7-9PM, and 9-11PM.

    Our warehouse is open from 9AM-4PM during the week and Saturday from 9AM-3PM. Our warehouses are closed for pick-ups on Sunday.

  • How do I get Fetch at my building?

    We love resident introductions! Reach out to us so we can talk to your building manager.

  • Are my packages slower when they go through Fetch?

    No, our warehouses are commercial addresses so carriers typically bring us packages earlier in the day before they start residential routes - so you usually get them faster!

Your Fetch Account

  • How do I create a Fetch Account?

  • What is my “Fetch Code”?

    Your Fetch Code is your unique identifying code that we use to make sure your packages go to the right spot.

  • What if I move to a unit within my same building?

    You can change the unit number in the “My Account” section when you log in. If you run into any difficulties let us know so we can change it for you!

  • Can I share my Fetch account?

    Yes! Feel free to share it with family members living in the same unit. Just make sure to use your Fetch code if their name is not linked with the account.

Shipping to Fetch

  • What shipments does Fetch accept?

    Any shipments from any major carrier or retailer!

  • What about alcohol?

    We will sign for packages containing alcohol. Upon delivery, we will require an ID and signature verifying that you’re over 21.

  • What size packages does Fetch accept?

    We accept all packages up to 150lbs. If a local retailer offers scheduled delivery we suggest using their service and coordinating a time to be home to accept the package. Please use Fetch for all online orders that are shipped in a box.

  • Should I tip my Fetch delivery driver?

    You’re free to tip your driver, however, it is not expected. All tips will be kept by your Fetch driver.

  • What about Amazon PrimeNow?

    Similar to urgent deliveries, if you're going to be home and able to accept the delivery at your door, then we suggest shipping PrimeNow (or on-demand food deliveries) to your apartment address. These drivers will always communicate directly with you, so there would be no need for building management to accept them on your behalf. Fetch is best used for the majority of e-commerce deliveries that you cannot accept yourself.

  • What happens if I forget my Fetch Code on a package?

    If the name on the package matches the name on your account there should be no issue logging it in for you. If the recipient’s name is different then you should notify us of the inbound package and we’ll still be able to log in for you! We suggest always using your Fetch Code to avoid any confusion.

Requesting a Delivery

  • Can I get my package from the Fetch Warehouse?

    Yes. You may pick up your package from 9AM-4PM, Monday through Friday and 9AM-3PM on Saturday.

  • Can I receive same-day delivery?

    Yes! As long as we receive your package and your desired delivery window before 4PM, we can Fetch your package that night! If we receive your package and desired window before 11:30AM we can deliver during the 12-2PM window.

    If you miss the cut-off for same-day delivery don’t hesitate to reach out via e-mail or phone. We will do our best to accommodate last-minute requests!

  • Can I request a different daytime delivery?

    We currently only offer daytime delivery from Noon-2PM, however contact us at or call us at 972-861-2837 and we may be able to accommodate special requests. We are here to serve you.

  • What if I’m not home during my chosen delivery window?

    Please reach out to us or your building staff with any building-specific questions. At select properties we do leave packages at the door, in this case the resident assumes liability.

  • What if I want to change my delivery time?

    Feel free to call or email us before your delivery window and we will do our best to make a last minute adjustment.

  • How long will you hold my package?

    We will hold your package for as long as you need! Just let us know your return dates so we can set your profile to vacation mode. We also accept packages from residents before they move in!


  • What happens if I’m getting notifications for a package that isn’t on my account?

    Very rarely, our notification system may not recognize that a package was delivered. If this is the case send us an e-mail or call and we will be able to confirm delivery and fix the problem.

  • Package says delivered from carrier (Amazon, FedEx, UPS, etc.) but I haven’t received a notification from Fetch?

    Sometimes packages are marked delivered even though the carrier is still in possession of the item. Feel free to contact us with the tracking information and we can look into it as soon as possible.

    In rare cases of high volume it may take some time to log in all packages.

  • My USPS package says attempted delivery, why did you guys miss it?

    USPS, per policy, has to marked things attempted or delivered by the end of the day. It is not unusual for them to mark items “attempted” when they were left at their warehouse on accident. We always want to make sure we know exactly where your package is so feel free to send the tracking information and we will look into it right away!

  • My tracking info from the retailer says it has been delivered but I haven’t received a notification?

    Using the vendor’s tracking site may cause confusion. Most of the time their tracking information does not align with the actual carriers information. It is a best practice to use the actual tracking number and track the package through USPS, UPS, or FedEx directly.

For Property Managers

  • How do I get Fetch at my building?

  • Where is Fetch available?

    Fetch is currently available in Texas. We are planning for rapid expansion across the country, please reach out to us for more information.

  • What happens if a resident has a question?

    Our friendly Fetch staff takes care of all your resident inquiries. Residents can reach us at or call our Help Center with any questions, concerns, or feedback!

  • How do I access reporting about my property’s package statistics?

    We provide bi-weekly updates with information regarding the number of packages received and delivered.

  • What if a resident has a roommate that they don’t want on their account?

    Multiple accounts can be created for each apartment unit. All residents may create their own account for free.

  • What happens if a resident goes out of town or on vacation?

    They can set their profile into vacation mode and we can hold the package for as long as needed at no extra charge!

  • Who in my apartment should sign up?

    All residents should sign up to prevent packages from becoming unclaimed.

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