Finally, a permanent package solution.

Package free in 30 days with no up-front cost.

Relieve Staff.
Retain Residents.
Increase NOI.

The industry's first complete off-site package solution, infinitely scalable for volume, size, and special order constraints - wrapped up as a uniquely premium amenity that adds proven ancillary revenue to your bottom line.

The convenience your residents demand.

In a recent NMHC survey, residents ranked a package amenity as #2, coming in after only a fitness facility.

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A package-free leasing office.

Blue Apron. Hello Fresh. Wayfair. Overstock. You name it, people buy it online now. With Fetch’s off-site solution, never deal with oversize or overflow again.

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Reclaim your best asset.

All of these “package problems” are compounding on your most important front-line employee - leasing agents. A WSJ study showed each package takes 5-10 minutes to handle - adding up to an entire employee over a full year. But behind lost wages, you know what lurks - lost leasing time.

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