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Relieve Staff. Retain Residents. Increase NOI.

The industry's first complete off-site package solution, infinitely scalable for volume, size, and special order constraints - wrapped up as a uniquely premium amenity that adds proven ancillary revenue to your bottom line.

The convenience your residents demand.

In a recent NMHC survey, residents ranked a package amenity as #2, coming in after only a fitness facility.

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A package-free leasing office.

Blue Apron. Hello Fresh. Wayfair. Overstock. You name it, people buy it online now. With Fetch’s off-site solution, never deal with oversize or overflow again.

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Reclaim your best asset.

All of these “package problems” are compounding on your most important front-line employee - leasing agents. A WSJ study showed each package takes 5-10 minutes to handle - adding up to an entire employee over a full year. But behind lost wages, you know what lurks - lost leasing time.

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Efficient Delivery

All packages are delivered to our warehouses first thing each morning, thus guaranteeing earlier than normal package delivery to the properties and the residents if they choose early delivery. This makes a resident very happy.

Move-In Perks

Once residents sign their lease, they can use Fetch to order all their new apartment furniture and have it stored with Fetch and then delivered on their move-in day…by Fetch, right to their door!

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