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An Alta Strand Case Study - Wood Partners

Fetch Package not only delivers a better package delivery process, but also allows Alta Strand to improve sales productivity, drive additional revenues, maintain industry-standard head-counts, and change design space development.

Alta Strand, a 400-unit Wood Partners community located near the Design District in Dallas, Texas, is thrilled they were chosen as the guinea pig for a new and better package delivery solution.

“I’m so glad we were!” says Kelly Keech, regional vice president at Wood Partners. “I first became aware of Fetch when I saw them present at the NMHC OpTech conference; I was so jealous I didn’t think of this first and find an investor,” laughs Kelly, “what an incredible idea.”

The Issues, The Benefits

Amber Fowler, property director at Alta Strand, couldn’t agree more. “Prior to Fetch, everything about packages at other communities where I worked was a struggle,” says Amber. “Space was always an issue, there was never enough room on site, dealing with lost or stolen packages was a nightmare, and holidays were a particular challenge.” But not at Alta Strand, where Fetch was implemented shortly after this luxury community opened for business in June 2017; Fetch handles 100% of package deliveries directly to the resident’s door. “There are no package headaches for leasing staff – all the challenges that come with them are simply gone,” says Amber.

The Fetch Impact

“The impact to our productivity and headcount has been meaningful,” says Kelly. “As online shopping has increased, we’ve seen a direct correlation in decreased productivity and increased headcount on site – the number of packages is overwhelming. Fetch has enabled us to stay within industry standards, and that is a huge financial benefit combined with the ancillary revenues produced.” Kelly is quick to add that, while they did try other solutions including expensive locker systems and more affordable technology systems, “the lockers run out of space, and the increasing load of packages took more and more of our staff’s time to organize, so neither was a long term solution for us.”

Not only has the implementation of Fetch seen such strong benefits for the property and staff, residents are extremely happy. According to Amber, “We position this as a package concierge for residents; they’re no longer constrained by our office hours to retrieve their packages, because Fetch delivers right to their door throughout the day and evening, and 7 days a week. If it’s convenient, they love it, and Fetch is the ultimate convenience.”

Fetch has been such a successful solution that has spurred very different conversations at the development stage. “We are now talking with construction and the design space team about how this changes the dynamic,” says Kelly. “We’ve been able to eliminate storage space for packages and devote this space to other ideas in development. It’s a real game changer for us.”

Last but not least, the Fetch team has created a seamless service experience for the team at Alta Strand. “If only all of my supplier relationships were like Fetch, life would be so much easier,” says Amber. “I’m constantly asking them how they find their people; they are truly an example of how we should all be, a light in everyone’s day!” Kelly agrees, adding that,

“The communication has been fabulous. I look forward to many years of working with the Fetch team.”



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Fetch Package delivers on the promise of eliminating the package delivery task from site personnel while creating a seamless resident experience.