Package Volume Poised to Surge as Amazon Prime Day Wraps Up

Brace yourselves, multifamily managers. That’s a wrap for Amazon Prime Day 2021 and now we sit back and wait for all those prime deals to roll in to our communities via packages! 

This year, Amazon Prime Day took place on June 21-22, but properties will likely experience increased package volume throughout the week of June 20. In fact, our projections anticipate a 57% increase in package volume from Prime Day of 2020 – which took place just eight months ago. Amazon Prime Day includes exclusive online deals and discounts for Amazon Prime members during the two-day shopping window.

Fetch, the first and only off-site package solution for apartment communities, delivered 79,569 packages directly to the doors of apartment residents during Amazon Prime Day 2020, which took place the week of Oct. 11. This year, Fetch expects to deliver upwards of 125,016 packages to apartment communities during Amazon Prime Day 2021. Fetch also anticipates package volume to increase by more than 14% in the wake of Amazon Prime Day, compared to the first three weeks of June.

To put the anticipated package volume in perspective, imagine how many packages it would take to fill the average leasing office from floor to ceiling. During the week of Amazon Prime Day, Fetch will deliver enough packages to multifamily communities to completely pack 203 leasing offices. That’s floor to ceiling, wall to wall. 

“Package volume is already a problem for multifamily, and projections show that the issue will only continue to escalate,” said Fetch Founder and Chief Executive Officer Michael Patton. “Consumer ‘holidays’ always amplify the situation, but the industry is rapidly approaching a point where every day is Amazon Prime Day in terms of e-commerce deliveries. Apartment communities need a sustainable package management solution that can scale alongside that increasing package volume.”

For Fetch customers, however, none of those packages will ever land in a leasing office. They won’t overflow package rooms or packer lockers. Unlike traditional package solutions, Fetch doesn’t require any onsite square footage. Resident deliveries are stored off-site and delivered directly to residents’ doors, completely removing onsite associates from the process and eliminating the need for ineffective and inadequate onsite package systems.

With Fetch, onsite teams don’t have to worry about the consumer calendar, whether it’s Black Friday, Cyber Monday or this month’s Amazon Prime Day. 

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