The Startups Helping Apartment Owners Tackle The Package Problem

We could blame it on Amazon Prime. Or we could just chalk it up to the growing e-commerce trade with Walmart and now Kroger edging into the delivery space. Whichever route we take, apartments big and small have a package problem. Let’s go ahead and blame it on Amazon Prime. If you are in the multifamily business either as an investor or manager, you know about the onslaught of packages and the problems they are causing.

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The milestone illustrates not only Fetch's exponential growth, but also the continuation of e-commerce trends.
The Multifamily Journal
By taking an outside-the-box approach to resident packages, property managers can position themselves as industry leaders and put an end to the package problems that their previous solutions created.
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Fetch's CEO, Michael Patton, addresses that by removing package responsibilities from their teams, property managers can turn package services into a plus from a resident standpoint, rather than a liability.
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